Taming the Dragons of the Mind

  • Taming the Dragons of the Mind

Taming the Dragons of the Mind



The mind is one of the most powerful aspects of who we are. It plays a huge role in how we feel and what we manifest. The mind can work for us in many positive ways. The imagination dreams up endless possibilities of how to solve problems. The mind can help us rise above obstacles. Thoughts can support positive feelings such as love, hope, and gratitude. The mind can also work against us, if we allow it. Negative thoughts can repeat over and over again making us believe we are hopeless, useless, or powerless. In this workshop we’ll dive in deep to understand the mind. Working with the mind may seem daunting but it can be broken down into simple manageable pieces. Using tools and techniques to get the mind working for you we will learn how to optimize the desired outcomes. We will also practice getting out of negative fear-based thinking patterns, so that you can feel freer and live more fully as your authentic self.

Saturday June 13, 2015
2 – 4:30 pm
Cost $35


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