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New Year's Intention Celebration December 31st

A few spots still remain open for our annual New Year's Intention Celebration. This Saturday December 31st from 1 - 4:30 pm, we will gather for a simple restorative yoga practice, a guided meditation that will help you "see" into your next year and clarify your vision for what you long to manifest. And then, provided with all the materials and lots of encouragement and support, you will create a "Vision Map" that symbolizes your intentions for the New Year 2017!

The Sanskrit word for intention is "Sankalpa" which expresses a deep heartfelt longing and resolve to purposefully create and manifest from the wholeness of who you are already. It's a practice of giving yourself loving support and clarity for living your life to its fullest expression.

Please join us. You can register online here. Or call the studio and ask to be registered 651-641-4003.

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