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Inversions Workshop: Saturday April 7th!

Saturday April 7, 2018 1 - 4 pm 


Need a dose of energy and change of perspective? See the world from 'upside-down' by beginning an inversions practice.Inversions offer a wide range of physical and emotional benefits - from increasing the strength, circulation, and balance in the body to flushing the nervous system, bringing more joy, confidence, and energy to your being. Whether you seek to shift stagnant energy, to learn more about your body's alignment and capabilities, or to enjoy the thrill of learning something new, the Foundations of Inversions workshop will set you up for a successful inversions practice.

In Foundations of Inversions, you will learn how to support, align, and engage your body to begin practicing three common inversions: crow pose, headstand, and handstand. Each inversion will be approached from its foundation posture, breaking down a series of postures that build upon one another to the complete inversion, giving you the knowledge and confidence to work with each posture incrementally. As you continue to develop your inversion practice at home, you will know how to move safely and systematically with your body’s needs. 

The workshop consists of:

  • Thirty-minute warm-up practice, focusing on engaging key muscle groups to invert
  • Brief presentation what makes an inversion, the natural support found in our anatomy, and common alignment do's and don't
  • Teacher demonstration of Crow Pose, Headstand, and Handstand (and the series of postures which build to each inversion)
  • Small groups inversion practice
  • Final reflection period, with a guided surrender/meditation practice.

 Handouts will be provided with examples of the progression of each inversion, alignment and modification tips, as well as ways to integrate inversions into a home practice. This workshop is recommended for students who have practiced yoga for at least 6 months, who are comfortably able to hold a high plank for 30 seconds, and who wish to add a mental and physical challenge to their practice.

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