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In-person Group Classes Cancelled Beginning Saturday March 14th

A Message from Sheila: I have been listening to and reading trusted news sources regarding COVID19. I have been thinking about this nearly non-stop for the past few days and wondering what the best course of action is for Bliss. I am not panicking.

I am hearing that the one thing we can do to possibly slow the spread of the virus is to practice social distancing by not gathering. It makes sense to me. Attendance has been down in the last few days and I have received cancellation requests and requests to extend class packages. A large percentage of our students are 50 years and older, and very healthy people. We also have students who come for therapeutic yoga who are vulnerable and who have health challenges.

I feel the best way to help is to avoid becoming someone who needs medical attention or someone who possibly infects a vulnerable person. We are canceling Bliss Yoga Studio group classes effective Saturday March 14, 2020 hoping to reopen early April. We will be disinfecting the props and deep cleaning the studio during that time. We will keep you updated.

We are creating a Bliss Yoga Studio YouTube channel with short practices for students to do at home. The link to the YouTube channel will be emailed and posted on our website over the coming weekend.

This has been a difficult decision for me. I am grateful for all of you, our students and beloved yoga community. If there's anything we can do to offer our support, please let me know. There are countless ways this pandemic is causing confusion and suffering in our world. I hope and believe that by making this socially responsible decision, Bliss Yoga Studio will thrive once the worst of this crisis has passed.

From all of us at Bliss, thank you for being a part of the Bliss Yoga Studio community.

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