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Full Moon Mantra Meditation Begins February 7th!

The Full Moon is an auspicious time for practice in many spiritual traditions, including those of yoga. It is a time of purna, meaning completion, fulfillment, and wholeness. By dedicating one's efforts to practice during the window of the Full Moon's heightened energy, individual and collective work toward healing and liberation are amplified.

This 75-minute class offering will commence with 30-45 minutes of yin/restorative postures to relax and open the body, followed by a japa practice of 108 repetitions of a mantra corresponding with the energies of each moon, and conclude with seated meditation and introspection.

All are welcome, this class is suitable for beginners yet will provide a deep experience for more seasoned practitioners. Offered on the Friday closest to each Full Moon at 7:00 pm.

Guided by Rebecca Curland. Regular class rates apply. Begins Friday February 7, 2020

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