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Yoga for runners, walkers and the rest of us

This past Saturday, we provided a yoga warmup at the BookIt 5K at the Roseville Library. Approximately 125 runners and walkers raised money for the Library's summer reading program for kids and teens. It was a great turnout of people of all shapes, sizes and physical abilities.

We introduced ourselves to folks and invited them to enter our drawing for free yoga classes. Many people thanked us and added their names to the fish bowl. Many others, however, shied away, telling us that they "can't do yoga" for reasons ranging like being too out of shape, inflexible or old. We don't believe these myths. The key is finding a style of yoga that best serves your body where it is in its current state.

Each of the styles we teach at Bliss has its own unique way of helping our bodies and minds replace stress with a sense of calm well-being and improve the way we travel through our lives.

  • Vinyasa is probably the most well-known style of yoga in our culture. It's based on a one-breath-to-one-movement pattern that builds strength and flexibility in the major muscle groups. Classes include sitting, standing, and laying down. Vinyasa is great if you like movement and a faster tempo than other classes. 
  • Our studio's roots are in Svaroopa® yoga and we're well known for our range of Restorative-based classes. Bliss Restorative Flow is based on a methodology of "positional release." In all our restorative-style yoga classes we use bolsters and blankets to support our bodies as we hold poses longer for deep, passive stretching and release of spinal tension. It's a nourishing and relaxing practice.
  • The newest offering at Bliss, SomaYoga, is one of the most efficient ways we've seen to identify and release tightness and pain. Chronic tightness makes it difficult for the brain and muscles to work together. SomaYoga uses very slow, small movements to re-educate the body on how to move more freely. Each SomaYoga movement can be done standing, sitting or laying down to accommodate where your body is most comfortable.

If you're a current Bliss student, thank you for giving us the honor of serving you! If you haven't yet tried a class, we'd love to meet you. Look at our schedule and come in for a class or workshop that catches your eye. We welcome you to come in just the way you are and explore what yoga can do for you.

Peace to you from all of us at Bliss.

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